Ebb + Flow Celeste

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Goddess Dust lovers rejoice!!! she had a little sister, and you know that sad feeling when you're not the center of attention anymore? our favorite GD is going through that right now, because Celeste brought it, cosmic shimmer at its finest. 

this has a shimmer similar to the goddess dust, a rose gold tone that looks good on literally every skintone, adding a kiss of sheen + shimmer, the light will grace you just right wherever you use Celeste. 

use as you would a highlighter: a tad on the cheekbones, tip of the nose, brow, or lips, the softest most natural shimmer, an exemplification of your natural soulshine. 

ingredients: sunflower oil*, beeswax*, rosehip oil*, coconut pulp CO2*, rose geranium essential oil*, spikenard CO2*, jasmine extract*.  *=organic. 


made with love & light~~ glow on sweet mama ~~~