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Ebb + Flow Manifest

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ask. believe. receive. 

MANIFEST is a cosmic vision ritual oil ~ formulated to assist in manifestation, meditation, and your will to receive. each ingredient serving it's own purpose. 

you can wear this daily as a scent, use it sparingly in ritual, or combine the two, find with it what you can.  

each bottle has a labradorite crystal in it for a constant infusion ~ labradorite is one of my favorites ~~ a protector, a magician, a breath of fresh air ~ labradorite assists in sucking the stress out of any given situation, let it overcome you, allow it to recycle your fret into magic. labradorite is also said to strengthen psychic ability, vision, & practice.

use: apply liberally to pressure points, chakras, points of tension, places you store stress, etc. this formula assists in energetic visions & enhances the laws of attraction. light a flame, breathe, wash away doubt, shift perspective. allow this oil to grace you with confidence & grace to do whatever you please. 

ingredients: hempseed oil*, labradorite crystal, essential oils of lemon*, vetiver, patchouli*, bergamot, geranium*, & peppermint*. 



handmade in love + magic