Dream Studs

Cristen Rene’ Dream Studs $45.00



Dream Studs 

1/2 inch in size

Available bronze with sterling silver posts or 14k gold.

This VISIONS Collection came to Cristen through a meditation series, focusing on healing through art.
The designs came in waves of colorful energetic patterns that invoked a sense of joy, strength and harmony.
In bringing these designs to life as wearable art, Cristen hopes to stimulate something inside of each recipient that sparks inspiration, healing alchemy, and a reminder of the light inside of all.

The Collection consists of three mediums; bronze, hand-painted wood and 14k gold. There are five series within each; Dream, Connect, Expand, Chrysalis, and Luminate, each offering the wearer an energetic and spiritual awakening. Dream: Inspires imagination, new ways of thinking, manifesting fantasies and deep desires.
Connect: Encourages open-hearted communication, laughter, a pull to love and community.
Expand: Invites growth in new direction, positive change, clearing of stuck energy, building.
Chrysalis: Birth of new ideas, life, renewal, transformation.
Luminate: Offers magnified light, positivity, opening and alignment of chakras, hope, joy.