Stitch Prism Ceramic Gold Smile Necklace $75.00


This large sized cut circles ceramic pendant has a fun smile-like shape with a line of real gold luster. The chain measures 22" and the pendant is 2.5" wide x 2" long. The chain is antiqued brass (nickel + lead free).

To make this necklace, first the two different clay bodies are wedged, rolled out, formed into their shapes, and "bisque" fired in the kiln. Then its covered by clear glaze and fired again in the glaze kiln. Then gold luster overglaze (made with real gold) is applied on top of the hardened glaze and fired for a third time. The finished piece of ceramic is then paired with its chain and made into this one-of-a-kind necklace.

Each necklace is made by hand and will be almost identical to the photo, but not necessarily the same piece. Please understand that some subtle variations occur in the glaze.