Opal Lightning Necklace

The Starseed Opal Lightning Necklace

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Mission: The lightning opal is a call to rise and discover your superpowers. You have a unique mission on the planet that only you were designed to do. In nature, lightning strikes occur when Erg, the energy that surrounds us, splits into two polarities of energy. Such an upgrade will reveal your new, super-charged self. It will also require you leave your old one behind. This is not scary, rather, a relief. White is the color or power and purity. Activation: Hayley Starr programs each charm with its unique intention using her Spectrum Healing technique. This blessing is amplified when you recite the following afformation: “Why do I fully embody my unique mission and superpowers?” Instructions: Opal necklaces were designed to be worn daily and needn’t be taken off. You can shower, exercise, even swim in one. It will energize your intention when exposed to Light, and continue to work its magic while you dream. Care: Cleanse weekly in salt water to remove negatively-charged energetic residue. Re-activate by placing your hands over the necklace, saying “Love, Light & Truth” 3 times, then recite the above activation words specific to your opal. Details: Charm Size: 5.2 x 12.5 mm Chain Size: Adjusts from 15” - 17” Material: Earth-friendly opal Chain Material: 18k gold-plated box chain